Copenhagen Craft Haul and Blog Hop

So last year was in Denmark for a family holiday and I bought wool when I was there. Knitting is, after all, my first love. They have wool in the supermarket for crying out loud!

I was talking to the amazingly talented Julia of Julestea blog and we said we'd do a blog hop with her Japan craft haul and my Danish on. Please be sure to check out her blog to see her post.

We were staying outside of Copenhagen for the most part but we did get to spend a couple of days there and let me let you, the knitting shopping was GOOD.

I always try to buy something I can't get anywhere else when I go away, something locally dyed or local spun. Failing that I'll make sure I get a local to the country brand so I've got something unique.  I don't feel so bad adding to the stash that way!

Here are some of the wools I managed to pick up on the trip...

Every thing is very WOOLY over there.  For those non knitters you'll probably be all like, duh! It's wool! And yes it is but there are so many blends with silk and bamboo and cotton... The list is endless really. I normally like to work with something finer but it didn't seem to be something they really had to offer. This merino blend is super soft and snuggly.

This is a lovely socm yarn. I loved the colour and again,  sooooo soft.

This is a locally dyed wool and this is real WOOL. its not too itchy but it won't be something to wear very close to your skin. Not sure what this will be but the colour its beautiful.

This wool is very chunky and I think it will be a lovely warm cowl for the winter months (not thinking about that right now though!)

This last one is like a cloud it's so soft and fluffy and cozy and yummy. A perfect cowl again or even a hat. The alpaca in it gives it a lovely fuzzy "halo"

Please hop on over to the lovely Julia and check out her awesome Japanese Craft Haul on her blog. I am super jealous not only of her trip but also of her amazing goodies, she's so lucky!



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