Get Messy Art Journal Season of Magic 2

The second week of Season of Magic for Get Messy Art Journal has found me with a lot more time on my hands for working in my journal and for creating Magic.


Get Messy Art Journal Season of Magic - 1

Here we are with a new Season, the Season of Magic! I have been really looking forward to this new season starting its a very exciting theme and so many possibilities in store for it.


Throwback Thursday Art Journal Pages

As we're between Seasons for the next two weeks Julia suggested that we all do a Throwback Thurday edition for Get Messy Thursdays this week looking back at our past past art journal pages from all of the Get Messy Seasons we've gone through so far.


Get Messy Art Journal Season of Words Six

This week's Get Messy has been bittersweet as it's the last one from this Season and I will really miss this and I will most certainly be continuing to use my altered book for long after.


Get Messy Art Journal Season Of Words 5

Lots of lovely words this week in my altered book for Get Messy this week. Words which we hold dear, words which have more meaning attached because we let them.


Get Messy Art Journal Season Of Words Prompt Four

This week's Get Messy Art Journal pages are a little slower going up this week. I had major issues with the second page in my altered book which meant it went into emergency art journal surgery late on Wednesday night. See not all my pages turn out as wonderful as the seem in my head when you try to get them down on paper!


Present Participle List - October

October is shaping up to be a busy and productive month and I am determined to squeeze as much sunshine out of it as possible whilst it lasts and before we're into winter properly.


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