Throwback Thursday Art Journal Pages

As we're between Seasons for the next two weeks Julia suggested that we all do a Throwback Thurday edition for Get Messy Thursdays this week looking back at our past past art journal pages from all of the Get Messy Seasons we've gone through so far.

This is my first art journal spread way back before I joined Get Messy. Ah memories!

I joined in on Season of Brave and this is my very first page I made for Get Messy. I still love it.

Here's another favourite from Season of Brave, I felt like I was getting into the swing of things by the time I made this one.

A favourite from Season of Adventure this one I still really love. I need to use this quote again sometime soon it really speaks to me.

This is the first prompt I wrote for Get Messy which Caylee and Lauren were generous enough to include. I really had a lot of fun seeing everyone's responses.

A favourite from Season of Serenity I still love my Goddess here.

And wrapping up on Season of Words which everyone seems to have really loved. I will certainly be keeping the altered book as a journal to continue onwards in after the season has ended.

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  1. You can see how much your style has evolved and yet stayed the same Karen-ness... know what I mean? Great post! <3



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