Present Participle List - October

October is shaping up to be a busy and productive month and I am determined to squeeze as much sunshine out of it as possible whilst it lasts and before we're into winter properly.

Counting - down the days until the new season of Walking Dead is going to start. This show is my life and how the heck I have survived since the last episode aired I have absolutely no clue.

Hey! It's my blog and I'll post this if I want to ok??

Working - on my altered book for this season's Get Messy. There are so many extra pages that I've made that I can't wait to share a little later in the season, this season has been very inspiring.

Reading - my way through "Blog Life" by Elise and Emma from ABM. I'm enjoying how much it's making me think about my blog and how I want it to grow and how to get there.

Listening - to my playlists on Spotify. You can't beat a bit of Tina Turner on the way into work to get you motivated.

Watching - DUH! Walking Dead!!!

Planning- on how to work my way towards my own etsy shop and getting prints ready for sale and all of the fun stuff that involves. It's slow steps but I feel like I'm making progress.

Playing - Party Party with Maya. She is obsessed and it's really quite cute. I'd like to say the game is good fun but after a million rounds it gets a bit repetitive! Plus someone is a very sore looser if they don't make it to the party first!

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