Get Messy - Season Of Adventure 1

So so happy to be back in the "swing" of Get Messy and a new season! The season of Adventure!! Yah! \o/

This weeks prompt was all about a place we had been and we had to describe it using the senses. Well, it wasn't hard for me to pick Mumbai as my place as it is most certainly ticks all the boxes for the senses that's for sure.

A little background about me and Mumbai first though. My husband is half Indian (his Father is Indian and his Mother is Irish, it was all very romantic, she was a nurse and he was a doctor) and my husband was born and lived there for the first 21 years of his life. We've been to Mumbai three times and even got engaged there (that's another story for another day!) so when I go I am very lucky to have my own personal tour guides to see the local sights as well as the tourist ones.

So here's my page I've made for this week's challenge

I used some fibres and threads I had hanging around from forever for the right hand page and drew on some paisley designs from some Indian stationary I had bought. The embossed gold medallion is from a card again from a stationary set I bought over there.

Here is a close up of the texture page, I think I can get the extra bonus points for bringing in "touch" to my page?? 
 I made the photograph (which is actually a vintage postcard I bought whilst in Mumbai of the Taj Mahal Intercontinental Hotel into a pocket to hold some rupees and a small tag (again part of my stationery stash from India) to make a note of all of the things which I remember most from Mumbai and what you can see, hear, taste,smell and touch)
Here is a close up of the left hand page. The Taj is a really special place to my husband and his family. They always went for Christmas Dinner there and by all accounts it was quite the production when they did. Of course I had to get some hand lettering in there, I seem to be gaining a reputation for it now!

Thanks so much for looking at my pages!


  1. So vivid and bright, makes me want touch and look at it all! Love it x



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