Get Messy -Season of Adventure Prompt 2

This week was a little different on Get Messy.  Normally the prompts are put on the Monday and it's all systems go until next week. This we we had the get messy art journal game and we had a prompt a day to make up the whole prompt for the week. It's was HARD. I'm so used to just going for it in one sitting or sometimes two sittings if I've to wait for something to dry.

This week we had to take it easy though and slow and just allow the page to flow one step at a time. It was so interesting to see how everyone went off in different directions from the same prompts.

The first step shown above was to cover half the page in paper with lots of words on it. I used an old book I had to hand.

Next we had to add paint to a third of the page.  I was feeling in an orange mood on this day.

Next came the misting. Not a big fan of misting so this is a departure for me but still quite happy with the result.

Next we had to use stamps.  I used some number stamps I've had forever and this little doll stamp. God knows where I got this from I've had it forever but I've always loved it and never used it. Why do we do that?! What are we waiting for? ?

Here's a close up.....

Love it!!!!!!!!!

The final stage was to add in some journalling and pintrest to the rescue once again. The page has a lot less layers than I would normally use and there are a lot less bells and whistles but I really like it even so and I really enjoyed playing along with everyone else


  1. So glad you enjoyed this game. Sometimes it is good to do something totally different, right?

  2. I really like this HAIR stamp ! Because it is true! :)

  3. That stamp is the best!!!! :D



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