Second Star to The Right - Get Messy On Thursdays

This week's Get Messy has us working along with a different prompt every week so this page is a bonus one I've been working on inspired by our adventure theme. Well you don't get much more adventurous than Peter Pan now do you?

The page is not my usual style as drawing would NOT be my strong point so I normally stay away from it and rely on a stamphoto or a found image from a magazine.  But in the spirit of adventure I had a go and I'm quite pleased with the result.

I used liquid acrylics for the background and I really love the pearlescent shine one then which really doesn't come across on the photographs.
 I used my colored sharpie collection to do the hand lettering and liquid acrylics in silver for the "star"

I also used one of my mists and sprayed them all along the edges to give the edges some interest.

Here's a close up of the cityscape I drew. I used my Pitt artist markers for this and you can just about make out the gold dots I added for the cars.

So just goes to show if you try something adventurous and push yourself you can make something you never thought you could!


  1. those are some inviting pages, love that shade of blue

    1. Thanks Vanessa I am rather partial to blue on my pages

    2. Thanks Vanessa I am rather partial to blue on my pages



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