Get Messy Season of Brave Round Up

I have just realised I really didn't post many of my Get Messy Brave pages up here on the blog! This will of course change with the new Get Messy on Thursdays commitment I have made to get all of my pages posted on a Thursday each week on the blog and Instagram.

 "We'll Be Free" - Acrylic, Sharpie and Rub Ons
This was the final closing page for the Season using a quote from Mumford and Sons. Love me some Mumford and Sons they have the most inspiring lyrics in their songs. I used some Golden Acrylics for the background on this page. You can't really see in the photo but it has a kind of shiny finish to it. Not sure how I like this as I prefer my paints to be matt for the background. I normally use the cheap but good Anita's Acrylic paints so not sure I'll be in a rush to change over.

 "Be Brave Little One" Scrapbook Paper, Gesso, Gelatos,Stamps, Washi Tape, Paper Heart Bunting, Rub ons

Oh Gesso, how do I love thee.... I have been looking through the "5 Ways to use Gesso" class on Big Picture and one of the cool ways they had listed was to paint it thinly over a very busy patterned paper to "mute" the colors slightly. I love how the background as become muted and it can still be seen peeking through on the edges and in parts.

I wrote little notes from my now older self to my younger self and vice versa about the things I would like to tell myself from those points of view. I did this the same day as International Scrapbooking Day so I wanted to give it a scrapbook "feel".

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