Get Messy Season of Adventure prompt 5

This week has been way too nice weather wise and it's been very hard to find the enthusiasm to sit down and work on my art journal when there's so much sunshine outside! And feeling icky, sticky and tired doesn't help either.  The art mono has been slow to come this week and only finished the spread below just today!

We had to make a bucket list this week and I decided to write down all the things I'd love to do but can't because of the job I do. I work in hospitality and it's important to be smart and presentable when I'm in work. Sadly that means I can't have a mad hair colour or loads of visible tattoos.

I also don't have a very creative job and it's really quite corporate so I'd love to have one where I can be creative and make art all the time.

Here's a closer look at my dolly stamped me. Note the turquoise hair 😉 dreamy! The doll stamp is from Prima and I stamped it again on the cherry paper and layered it.I love the little cross stitch on the heart for a bit of texture.

I decided to make a set of ATC's for the other prompt to describe our perfect day if money was no object. I know mine might not seem very exciting but it's my idea of heaven and better still doesn't cost much money!

Below is some close ups of the cards.  One of the art prompts was to use abstract painting to make a background so I did this first before cutting them up

I ordered some really cool washi and a beautiful journal from
The lovely Vanessaand they were perfect for these cards!

Next week is the last week and I'll be sorry to see this season go but will be looking forward to the next!


  1. Ah, the little cards are so cute! Did you not have a wild teenage rebellion when you dyed your hair all the colours? I definitely did and recommend it for all ;)

    1. Haha Julia no I was a good girl I was. Sadly working in a hotel I don't think they'd be impressed with multicolored hair no matter how awesome it would look!



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