Get Messy Season of Adventure Prompts 6

This week's Get Messy prompts were extra super exciting for me because I actually wrote two of them!! And I had to keep it a secret!!! Ok so I told my husband who was suitably unimpressed but I was itching to see when they would go up. I had posted on facebook after the new season was announced as "Adventure" that we had better have some prompts based around the movie "Up" I mean come on?? ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE!! I love that movie. Anyway the very lovely Caylee said "Why don't you write some?" After peeing my pants  After careful thought and consideration I sent her on my two prompts from the movie.

I actually made my "Up" page ages ago so I had a little head start on this week but I couldn't share it as that would ruin the surprise!! So here's my "Up" page all about where is my Paradise Falls location which is of course Japan!!

My challenge to everyone was to do some hand stitching on their pages so I stitched in the ropes for my balloons.

Ah Tokyo, one day I will get to you I promise!!

Here's my second page. I challenged everyone to name their travel companion for their big paradise falls adventure. Mine is, of course, my Daughter, Maya. Travelling the world with a child is not without it's challenges but she has really taught me how to appreciate the joy and wonder around me.

I used some of my Gossamer Blue Project life kit for this page. It was very heavily influenced by the talented Caylee Grey if you haven't checked out her work you totally should. This page was thrown together very quickly and I love the "white" space on it and the muted pastel colors. Of course, I had to put a bird on it! This one was from my Mum using a die she was trying out. Hurrah for crafting mums!

And the final page was back to my usual layers, layers and more layers and loads of color.

I just kept painting layer after layer after layer. I was going to use some texture with my modelling paste but I called it good as it was .

I added some little embellishments that Vanessa included very generously in her package she sent me with the art journal I bought.

I cannot wait to see what everyone made with the prompts I put up this week. It's one of the things I love so much about the Get Messy community seeing how everyone takes the same prompts each week and yet produces something completely different.

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