Get Messy Season Serenity Prompt 1

So here we are at the start of a brand new season from Get Messy. This season is "Serenity" and it will be very nice to have this theme after "Adventure" and "Brave".

This weeks prompts were based around the divine within us and how we are all spiritual in our own ways. now I am not one for organised religion at all but there is something very spiritual and calming about being outside and amongst nature for me. My parents live in the middle of the Irish countryside and there is something about the comfort of being there that is good for my soul.

I kept this page simple (well for me anyway!) and didn't over do it with embellishments. The vellum flowers I've had forever and I thought they went very well with the page.

I love my little sequins and my stamped images in the background.

The next prompt was all about our Goddess within us. After taking the Goddess quiz I was matched with Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Civilization. Whilst I didn't identify with all of the characteristics of Athena some of them are especially true.

What surprised me most was the information about Athena Goddess Types attitude towards motherhood. It really struck a chord with me;

"As a mother, if she chooses this path, Athena would be less keen on the baby / child years. She will enjoy an older child's ability to speak intelligently so that she could engage with her/him in an adult manner regarding learning, goals, projects and accomplishments"

Not that's not all true, I adored my daughter as a baby but I am enjoying her now she is older and able to relate with me on a much more in depth level. I really enjoy encouraging her and nurturing her creativity so she can share this with me.

Here is my double page spread. I really like how my Goddess turned out. As she is the Goddess of wisdom I used book pages for her flowing hair and purple for the color of Wisdom.

I recently bought a Copic Marker to add to my arsenal and can I just say I am totally in love and they are so worth the investment.

Athena is often pictured with an Owl for wisdom. I've had this guy sitting around for a while so I used him as a tape transfer and I love him!

I also bought an old vintage pattern from Oxfam for €1. Half the pattern is ripped and it's not in my size so I feel no sorrow for ripping it up and using it in my background. It's so soft and the colour is beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by and if you are interested I joining the Get Messy Community I can HIGHLY recommend it!!


  1. Your Goddess page is beautiful, her face especially. So inspired to use book pages and the owl too. I related to a different Goddess but am with you on the nature front. We spent just a few days in Ireland once and I can understand why you would love it there. I'd love to go back one day!

  2. I need a copic marker!!!! Love these pages, the purple really seems to fit with your personality. I am super jelly of your drawing skills, please draw more so I can swoon ;)



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