Get Messy Season of Serenity Prompt 3

This week's Get Messy was all about inspiring and trying new techniques.The Get Messy community is cool and amazing for very many reasons but one of the main ones is that there is just so much inspiring work out there for all of us to draw on. I know you can feel "guilty" about "copying" someone else's work but I think it's great way to try out a new style or a new technique. Besides, it's rarely going to look exactly the same and your own style will most certainly creep in there.

Here is a screen shoot of my inspiration for my first page, you can see sara's lovely post here I just loved her use of the crazy background and the red circle is perfection.

Here is my interpretation of the page. I think that you can clearly see the inspiration but I think it's changed up enough to be completely different as well.

I stamped on plain tissue paper the work "Chaos" multiple times and used some Beautiful Mess stamps to add some random pattern. I tore it up and crumpled it to get some texture and stuck it down with Gel Medium. (I was totally convinced by the end that "chaos" was misspelt! Isn't it funny when you look at a word for too long you start thinking it's spelt wrong!)

Here's a close up of the quote I used on this page. I used watercolor paints and added some salt on top for more texture.

Next page up contains a dreaded selfie. I tried to get all artsy and dramatic about this one, not sure about that though! I deliberately took the photo with quite a bit of white space in it as I knew I would want to write over the top of the photo.

A list of all the things I feel are standing between me and Serenity. I wanted it to be quite busy on the photo as sometimes I feel things are attacking me from all sides at once.

A close up of my hand lettering. Really pleased with this one this week. It just goes to show that when you put a little effort into measuring and planning you can get something that looks pretty cool. I used my Uniball and Copic marker for this quote and I used watercolour paints with salt on top again for the background. Loving this technique so thanks Julia for the suggestion and challenge. This technique is something I've not done since I was in high school so it was really fun to rediscover it!

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  1. Yes to watercolour and salt! That page is my favourite, I love your handwriting too... or do we call it script? Never sure the wording for that style?! I like that we were both inspired by the same image from Sara but all our pages look different. Steal like an artist. YOLO! ;)



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