Week In The Life Day One and Two

So it's week in the life time again this year. I've been following Ali Edwards since forever and I love her approach to memory keeping and story telling so much. Week in the Life is all about capturing the everyday routine of your life, the small things that don't seem all that important now but I;m looking forward to capturing a snap shot of my life just now as it is.

My daughter is away at her grandparents this week so it's making this week have a very different feel to it. I think it's good that she's away for this week in the life as it's forcing me to capture myself more in my life which is something that I rarely do. It's much easier to just shoot a cute kid than yourself right??

Day One

My view from my bed that morning before I got up. It was really sunny on Monday and I liked how the sun was peaking through our blinds.

Gotta have tea in my monster cup in the morning!

The view from my breakfast table in work, a very nice and sunny Dublin day for a change!

I spend most of my day on Monday at my desk. The lighting is appalling as it's all artifical so I converted it to black and white to hide this.

Lunch that day. I mean shamrock flavour crisps, how could you not document those?

Cleaning the cat tray, always a glamorous part of my day!

What's currently on my bathroom shelf. Again terrible light in my bathroom.

My messy messy craft desk.

Catching up on Instagram at the end of the day.

Day Two

I wanted to capture a bit more of myself in work today as I was moving around the hotel a lot looking after the bedrooms today.

Playing with the camera timer on my phone to get some "action shots"

My cat is an idiot.

My view, mess and all. My husband on the phone to our daughter at her grandparents

A rare evening out and an even rarer shot where my husband is not pulling a silly face.

Out for dinner just us two, very rare for us!!

Cute card purcahse for the heck of it. Will certainly be using this very soon in an art journal page.

I'm really enjoying this so far this week. I actually captured quite a bit without realising it, I thought I had hardly any photos!

You can find out more about week in the lift from Ali Edward's website here.

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  1. This is great! I like all your action shots because they feel like you're there with you. I like the idea of documenting the less glamorous side of life and the stuff you don't notice.

    P.S Archie is the cutest ^_^



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