Get Messy Season of Words Prompt Three


We're continuing on with our altered book for this season of words and I have been really enjoying playing with making found poems in the book. Of course I had to sneak in some triangulation!

My book is actually a book of poems which makes finding found poems pretty easy as there are some great words in there already so it's not hard make a new one from it.

I cut out my second poem using a scalpel to remove the words I didn't want and put some scrapbook paper behind it to fill in the blanks.

This next page is based around my favourite word which is "Parapluie", French for umbrella. I love the sound of this word and it sounds very impressive I think. The idea for this page was a bit of a lightbulb moment and I am in love with how it ended up turning out. I used some of the words I cut out of the previous poem.

I used my distress ink misters to make the background on the page.

It's raining words people!! How cool does this look?? Ok I'll stop now. If you need me I'll be making more found poems.


  1. I love all the different blackout poem styles! I never even thought of that. Much better than the look of the black lines in my view.

  2. I like how your week is colour themed blue, black and white :) It reads so lovely when you scroll down!

  3. These are all so amazing. I am in awe.

  4. these are all so lovely - you've been so creative in trying different techniques.



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