Art Journal Entry

This entry didn't really have a rhyme or reason behind it, I just went with what I felt like and I love how the page turned out.

I started with the magazine image I found from one of my old Mollie Makes Magazines. I've gone through a pile that I have at home and taken out all kinds of yummy images to use for my journal but this one was a particular favourite. I am a total sucker for vintage of course and capes to me are just perfection. I also own three so I may be slightly biased about this!

So I didn't really want the photo to have a face. Not for any reason in particular but I wanted anyone looking at the photo to imagine themselves in that place, happily browsing buttons so I took it out. If I could get a do over? I would maybe have picked a paper with a bit more pop in the pattern but I don't hate it enough to try and rip it out or anything.

I went a bit mad with the ribbons having just found again my bag full of ribbons and I love the texture it adds. and the pink brad? Perfection even if I do say so myself.

Also am loving the pearlescent liquid acrylics I bought, they're so fluid and well....liquid? Haha but they are so easy to blend and give a lovely sheen to the page when you apply them. They're also opaque enough to have the tissue paper in the background shine through.

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