Get Messy - Brave Zine

The new prompt from Get Messy was all about making a zine. It's not something that I'd ever thought about doing before so after a bit of research into what exactly it was I had a good idea in my head how I would construct it but was a little stumped about what it was going to be about.

We were to make it about someone we thought of as brave. Easy huh? Well not really, there are so many amazing people throughout history and in the present that you could easily think of as brave.Then it hit me, there was no one closer to me and more of an inspiration than my Mum so the zine was born.

I have some amazing photographs of my Mum over the years and I wanted to use the tape transfer method as it would allow me to keep the "rough" photocopied feel of a zine. The front page is above as I think this is such a beautiful photo of her it deserved a special page all of it's own.

I roughly splashed paint onto the background then put my image over the top. I love how the colors bleed through the transparent parts of the tape. I cut out my own stencil and faux screen printed my phrase over the top on all the pages using colored modelling paste.

I love how it turned out and I can't wait to show her in person. She's a true inspiration to me and my sister. She never says no and never let's anyone dictate what she should do. She suffered from Polio as a child and has been living with the after effects ever since. Despite all of this she's owned her own business, and went on to be an amazing mother to my sister and me. Love ya Mum!


  1. This is gorgeous. Mothers are so inspirational and I love how you have celebrated yours :)

  2. this is so good. Your mother will be so moved to get such a wonderful gift.



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