Get Messy Season of Words Prompt Two

We're getting stuck into our altered books this week with the Get Messy Prompts as it's been very exciting to actually get started into this project for real. It's been very hard to wait until the Season began as I was lucky enough to be able to put forward a couple of prompts to use in this season and Caylee and Lauren were kind enough to include some.

As we're just getting started I kept the pages simple. As my book is called "A book of Happiness" there were some great quotes at the very beginning of the book which were perfect for highlighting.

I love the stamp I used at the front. I've had it for many many years, can't even remember where I got it from but it's just totally perfect for this project.

I just painted the pages this week. I prepared one with gesso and one without. It didn't really make a huge amount of difference to the finished pages. I'm going to try and avoid sticking too many bulky items into the book so that it doesn't distort the size of the book at the end too much.

I've a tutorial on handlettering this week on the Get Messy blog so I felt a lot more pressure this week to get some really good and cool and amazingly profound quote down. After quite a few false starts I went with something simple and small. I think I will certainly add in another quote on the next page which will be a million times more dramatic but sometimes simple is best!

If you like what you see and think you would like to join us at Get Messy you can find out more about it here it's honestly the very best money that I have ever spent.


  1. Beautiful work, Karen! I loved your tutorial this week, and your additions to the prompts. <3

  2. Gorgeous! And your blog looks amazing too! Rose Anne

  3. So purdy, I love the pink and your handwriting is beauts as always. I heard that you did you blog up, it's look pretttty swish! x

    1. Sorry as always my typing makes no sense!

  4. That stamp is amazing!!!! and the new blog is super pretty ❤

  5. Thank you for all the blog comments it was totally worth all the work on it!



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